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Preserving your Legacy & Magnifying your success

About Legacy Quest Partners


Preserving your legacy and magnifying your success.

Legacy Quest Partners is a searchfund, founded by Ani Narasimhan dedicated to preserving and building on the legacies of family-owned businesses. We understand the importance of taking care of employees who have been with you for generations, and we work hard to ensure that your transition is as smooth and successful as possible.


Why We're Different

Who you sell to matters! We are entrepreneurs seeking to help entrepreneurs transition their businesses to a team that will protect their legacy.

Entrepreneur led

Our founder will move his family to the company's location and his sole focus will be to run and grow the acquired business

Experienced Team

Our founder has experience running and growing a $150M+ global Medtech business, and our investors are a group of successful operators, deal makers and indsutry experts that are committed to growing your business.

Commitment to your people

We believe a company’s most important asset are its people: Employees, customers and the community. We recognize that you have invested your time in building a great team, we will ensure to invest in the continued growth of your employees as we manage the business.


What we are looking for...

  • Owner who values the company’s legacy and future growth

  • High quality company culture with committed employees

  • Privately-held business

  • Minimum 3yr operating history

  • Growing industry

  • B2B Software

  • B2B Services

  • Low customer churn

  • $2M+ Annual Recurring Revenue [B2B Software]

  • $1.5M+ Annual Pre-tax Income [B2B Services]

  • Majority Sale

  • Open to owner retaining equity in the business

  • Flexible on owner role post-acquisition


Our Process

A seamless and straightforward process through trust and transparency.  We will make it fair and handle everything confidentially.

  • Step 1: Introductory Call
    We will have an introductory call to get to know each other, hear your story, learn a bit about your business, and understand your succession goals. At the end of the call, if there is a mutual fit, we will continue the conversation. Information you share is always kept confidential.
  • Step 2: Initial Diligence
    Now, we will learn a lot more about the business, your employees, and your customers from you. At this time, we will request recent financial information and some key details. This will enable us to provide you a preliminary estimate for your business. All the information you share will be protected and kept confidential under an NDA.
  • Step 3: In-Person Meeting + Deeper Understanding
    At this point, we will come visit you in person, gain a much deeper understanding of the business, discuss the next steps, and confirm to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Step 4: Letter of Intent
    At this stage, we will submit an LOI and work together on the terms and structure of the transaction to ensure it is favorable to all stakeholders. In addition to equity, we can explore debt and seller financing where appropriate.
  • Step 5: Due Diligence
    After the LOI is signed, we start the legal documentation process. We will also engage advisors such as accountants and attorneys to complete the required diligence specific to your business. Throughout this process, you can expect transparency, authenticity, and confidentiality.
  • Step 6: Close & Celebrate
    On this day, we will sign the final legal documents, wire you funds, and celebrate together! You are now ready for the next stage in your life. A post-close plan will already be in place to seamlessly transition the company forward.

Meet the Entrepreneur

Ani Narasimhan, Founder & Principal


Ani Narasimhan is from Kuchanur, a village in South India, where the legacy of his great-grandfather inspired his entrepreneurial spirit. Ani's great-grandfather grew up without electricity, studied under the streetlamps, and, through hard work, became governor. He invested in the community, creating a spice and coconut plantation, employing community members, and supporting the village.


Ani attended boarding school at age 5, but his formative years were on this farm, observing the growth and economic impact one person's legacy had on a small community. Ani is driven to carry on his family legacy to improve the lives of others with his path to acquire and grow an exceptional business. 

In 2010, Ani worked at BioEnterprise, a life science incubator. He was impressed with the direct impact entrepreneurs had in the healthcare field. Having lost his mother to ovarian cancer when he was 12 years old, he understands the value innovations in healthcare bring to lives. The same year, while studying at Case Western Reserve for his Master's in Biotechnology Entrepreneurship, he met (fellow student) his future wife, Theresa Narasimhan, a nurse practitioner.


Ani is collaborative and innovative with an unwavering dedication to business growth and advancing healthcare technology. He has over a decade of experience in med tech– excelling at various roles across sales, marketing, and product management. Ani managed a $150M+ product portfolio, commercialized three global products, orchestrated a successful company acquisition and integration (M&A), and has driven significant growth in the head & neck cancer business. He holds four patents. Before launching Legacy Quest Partners, Ani received his MBA from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management and became an esteemed member of the 10th Zell Fellows ETA cohort.

Meet the Family

Ani and Theresa Narasimhan have three children and currently reside on the North Shore of Chicago. Ari (age 7) and Rafa (age 5) are pint-sized gentlemen who copy their 'papa' and have been known to insist on wearing their best for school pictures in the fall, donning bow ties for the last two years. Zara (age 2) is all smiles and giggles but has been trained by her clever brothers to say 'new vocabulary' in front of family and friends. 


The family has a Honeycrisp apple orchard outside Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, and taps their maple trees every spring to make syrup for friends and family. The couple are foodies, spending hours in the kitchen chopping and searing while the oldest two act as helpers, while Zara sits at the countertop nibbling and watching.

family portrait-1.jpg

The Narasimhans can't agree on their favorite country to visit, but they do decide to travel as a family. They are an adventurous bunch– often hiking, road cycling, and swimming together. The children's highlight of this past summer was stargazing from their great-grandmother's house in India. 


Ani is a fan of early morning meditation…alone.

Meet our investors


Meet the Entrepreneurs and CEOs partnering with Ani

Legacy Quest Partners is supported by Entrepreneurs and CEOs who have decades of experience growing and scaling small businesses


Dustin Sellers

ProService Hawaii

T Lwin3.webp

Trevor Lwin


Bruce Moszcelt3.webp

Bruce Moszcelt


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