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My Story

Ani Narasimhan is from Kuchanur, a small village in South India, where his entrepreneurial journey was kindled by the legacy of his great-grandfather. Growing up in a village devoid of electricity, Ani's great-grandfather's remarkable transformation from humble beginnings to a high-ranking officer in the Indian Administration left an indelible mark. In the 1940s, he took barren land and cultivated it into a thriving coconut and spice farm, significantly impacting the local community. Ani's early years on this farm instilled in him the belief that he, too, could make a positive difference in the world.


Ani left for boarding school at age 5, but the lessons from the farm stayed with him. Witnessing firsthand the economic and social change one person's legacy could bring to a small community ignited Ani's passion for entrepreneurship and his desire to address unmet needs to enhance others' lives.


Ani began his career at BioEnterprise, a life science incubator, where he witnessed the profound impact entrepreneurs had on the healthcare industry. This realization held a deeply personal resonance for him, as he had experienced the loss of his mother to ovarian cancer at the age of 12. Understanding the critical importance of healthcare innovations in improving patients' lives and their families, Ani was driven to contribute to this field.


During this pivotal time, Ani crossed paths with his future wife, Theresa Narasimhan, while pursuing his Master's in Biotechnology Entrepreneurship at Case Western Reserve. Theresa's path in healthcare as a Nurse Practitioner specializing in oncology clinical trials complemented Ani's entrepreneurial journey.


Ani's collaborative and innovative nature, coupled with his unwavering commitment to business growth and healthcare technology advancement, led him to excel in the med tech industry. Over the course of a decade, he excelled in various leadership roles encompassing sales, marketing, and product management. Ani's achievements included managing a $150M+ product portfolio, successfully commercializing multiple global products, orchestrating a company acquisition and integration, and driving substantial growth in Medtronic’s Head & Neck cancer portfolio. His contributions extended to securing four patents.


Before founding Legacy Quest Partners, Ani received his MBA from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management and became an esteemed member of the 10th Zell Fellows ETA cohort. Today, he continues to draw inspiration from his great-grandfather's legacy and his personal experiences to acquire and grow one exceptional business to make a positive impact on the world.

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